Annual Leadership Institute

Every year, Population Education hosts a two-day Leadership Institute to provide further training for our new facilitators. During the event, participants receive thorough training on our workshops and resources, and meet others who are committed to Population Education.

We alternate between having national Institutes, open to Trainers around the U.S., and regional Institutes, open only to educators from a specific geographic region. Rotating between regional and national Institutes ensures that our Network continues to improve and grow around the country.

Leadership Institutes are essentially free of charge; we cover the cost of accommodations as well as most meals and travel expenses. It is a fun-filled and educational weekend!

Mid-Atlantic Leadership Institute, Fall 2015

Population Education will be hosting a Facilitator Training Institute at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA on September 26th, 2015. If you are a K-12 teacher or pre-service educator living within driving distance of Hershey, and you are interested in leading Population Education workshops either for your own university pre-service classes, or for colleagues at area schools, universities and conferences around the region, we encourage you to apply to attend using this Application Form.

During the Institute, we will demonstrate a range of teaching activities for different grade levels, share presentation ideas and discuss the many social and ecological issues related to population growth and resource use dynamics. For those chosen to attend this train-the-trainer event, Population Education will provide lodging on Friday, September 25th, breakfast and lunch on the day of the training, as well as a travel stipend of up to $200 to offset gas/mileage (reimbursed at $0.50/mile). Please see our Promotional Flyer for additional details and testimonials on this event.

Applications will be accepted until July 13th, 2015. Please contact Lindsey Bailey with questions at or 202-332-2200.

What Our Institute Attendees Say . . .

I’d like to thank you and all the Population Connection staff for a wonderful learning experience. I have attended many workshops and must admit this was by far the best in organization, materials and location. I can see why you have many followers.
Dr. Eugenia Johnson-Whitt, University of Akron
Leadership Institute 2010

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic group of educators- I have returned home energized and filled with excitement about all that Population Connection aims to do for our world! It was wonderful being able to "step outside" of my own small community/region and network with others who are dedicated to education.
Michelle Bailey, Elementary teacher, Chattanooga, TN
Leadership Institute 2011

This is a first class organization run by wonderfully committed people.  I hope to remain associated with your group for a long time.
Jerry Zinner, Adjunct Professor of Education, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Leadership Institute 2011